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Loft Conversion Leeds

We start at the beginning but there are lots of different types of loft conversion and exactly where the beginning is varies from job to job and conversion to conversion. Some people have their own plans and a clear view of what they want whereas others have no idea and just know that the need to unlock some more space somehow but are unsure where to start, if you fall into the latter category we can help you come up with some ideas so that you can make the most of the existing roof and your home. Its your loft and we will make sure you are happy with everything at each stage before progressing to the next one, we are experts at conversions and have worked in and around the Leeds area for over 50 years.

Loft Conversion Prices

Lots of people start their journey into the world of loft conversions buy asking how much they cost and while the answer is different in every case we want to be as up front as possible with pricing and everything else. There is no way we can quote you without taking a look around the property in question but to give you some general ideas as budgeting is important, a loft conversion in Leeds, on average, costs:

  • £12k for a 20 meter square loft standard conversion, room only (so no internal stairs added etc)
  • £25k for a 20 meter squared loft deluxe conversions (including a new staircase and all the luxuries)
  • £13k for a 30 meter square standard conversion
  • £27k for a 30 meter square deluxe conversion

For anything more specific than this we would have to take a look and give you a detailed quote but hopefully the above gives you enough of an idea, the numbers are based on our average cost for conversions in Leeds in 2019. For more information and a few more specifics take a look at our post on loft conversions specifically for 3 bedroom semis here.

No obligation quote and no cost survey

If you want to discuss ideas and what is possible that is something that we can do and we can definitely give you some guidance but the first formal step is usually carrying out a no obligation and no cost survey on your property. This important step allows us to understand the existing loft and the unused loft space in the roof so that we can maximize the effectiveness of the conversion and make sure what you have in mind is possible.

One we have evaluated the properly we will supply a quote for the work which will detail the price and all of the proposed work. Think of it as the written agreement of what was previously agreed in the surveying stage. The quotation will also detail payment terms if those are something we have discussed. We don’t need a deposit and won’t ask for money up front.

Loft Conversion Ideas

Details plans and drawings

Your quote will be accompanied by detailed plan and drawings so that we are sure we are on the exact same page with what is needed, we can create 3d diagrams and representations too.

Once we have full agreement on the drawings and quotations everything is signed off and its time for us to start work. The first step is providing the local authority with copies of the drawing and plans, if you need planning permission for the conversion we will also make sure all the required forms and completed and taken care of.

Does A Loft Conversion Need Planning permission?

It can take 12 weeks to feedback on requests for planning permission, during this period we will do what we can do push things through and speed things along, if there is any feedback or questions from the local authority we will take care of things for you.
Once everything is ready to go from a legal standpoint and we have the green light from Building Control its time to get started!

Agree a start date and get to work

We will mutually agree the start date with you and once that is done its go time. The first step is to erect the scaffolding around the house so that our team can complete the work safely. Usually materials will start to arrive at the same time as the scaffolding goes up. This is where what many people class as “the real work” commences!

The approach to work on the conversion varies from this point, for example if you are adding an en suite then there will be much more considerations for plumbing work and plumbing and electrical are usually the first two things that are worked on alongside the initial structural work.

By this time you will know exactly what is going on, you will know the bespoke timeframe for the work and process. You will also have the drawings and be as informed as we are about the development process.

Building control approval

The final stage of a loft conversion is the building control approval, building control don’t just inspect on completion, however, inspections take place throughout the process to make sure everything is going to plan. We are used to dealing with building control and welcome showing them around our work when they visit for your peace of mind.
When our work is finished we leave no mess and clean up after ourselves so that you are left to enjoy the newly converted loft and the new space in your home!

Increase the value of your home

A recent study by Nationwide revealed that a quality loft conversion can add over 20% more value to the resale price of your home, although this number was not specific to Leeds or even Yorkshire it is a conservate estimate as several other studies have been done showing the number to be much higher. While everything in the property market needs to be looked at on a price by price basis and generalisations should be used as guidelines only a loft conversion will add considerable value to the resale value of your home. Our experts, when putting together the plans for your conversion can advise you on the likely impact on retail value of your home taking into account the exact specification of the conversion.

“... I love the loft conversion, it is fantastic, we have made so much more room in our house, I don't think the novelty of going in there will ever wear off!”