What we do

Roofing Services

Loft Conversions

We sometimes feel the need to highlight that we don’t just offer loft conversions and we are not only extension builders, however, this is definitely what we spend most of our time doing!

man working on a roof

Residential Roofing & Flat Roof Repair

We are experts in residential roofing and repairs to residential roofs. This is actually the reason we went into business in the 1950s and how we got started. We pride ourselves to responding fast to residential emergencies, if you have an emergency please feel free to give us a call now, even if its 3am. We also specialise in working with flat roofs.

Damp Proofing

Very few things strike fear into the heart of a homeowner like the word damp. The problem with household damp be it in the roof or anywhere else is that the industry’s standard reaction to it is to apply a damp proof course which is destructive and expensive, however, this is not always or even usually needed. We will get rid of your damp in the most cost effective way possible, we are experts in damp proofing.

Damp wall
gutter cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is a pretty mondain task and also can be quite dangerous. It is, however, routine maintenance. If you don’t maintain the gutters on your house to channel the water away from the property you can end up having to deal with the more serious issues of damp. Gutters block regularly and often seasonally, give us a call and we easily schedule a time carry out any maintenance work needed on your guttering.