With regular roof inspections your roof could last over 100 years

Roof Inspections In Leeds

man working on a roof

While we do inspect commercial roofing too, please give us a call if this is what you are after, this page of the site is more focused towards residential roof inspections.

Most people don’t give the roof of their house a second thought, it is up there keeping them dry and keeping their possessions safe from the elements but it quickly becomes a priority when something goes wrong. People also think of roofs as sturdy and resistant but they are actually quite vulnerable to damage which can rapidly accumulate over time.

Without trying to scaremonger the price of a replacement roof is usually between £5-£10k and can be even more than that depending on the circumstances. There is also the factor of any damage that might occur to the property as a result of the damaged roof that would need to be accounted for.

Problems with roofs usually come to light thanks to the weather be it rain leaking in, the roof collapsing under snow or the wind highlighting underlying issues when it takes it toll and unearths existing damage, we once had someone call us out as they were planning a loft conversion in Moortown and it wasnt until we checked the property out we found there was serious damage to the roof which needed fixing as a priority – a fact they were previoulsy totally unaware of.

Usually when one of these problems comes to light the repair job is significant but a lot of issues can be easily avoided with something as simple as a waterproofing or damp proofing treatment or patch repair.

A roofs age and condition combined with how hazardous any recent weather has been play a major part in how frequently it should be inspected, however, a general rule of thumb is that a roof should be inspected every 3-5 years with newer roofs been closer to the 5 year limit and older ones the 3. If you have recently had a loft conversion or other installation it makes sense to schedule a check after a year just to make sure there is no untoward movement which is very rare, can be easily dealt with if caught but also if ignored can cause long term issues.

Some positive news is that a well maintained, serviced and looked after roof can last in excess of 100 years!