When there is no other option other than to replace your roof we are there for you

Replacement Roofing Leeds

man working on a roof

You probably don’t spend too long thinking about your roof and might never have thought about replacing it, most people don’t. Your roof could be thought of as your houses first line of defence against the elements and over the years it will take a beating!

Most of the time a roof does not need to be totally replaced as it is unlikely that the whole of the roof will fail at once, spot repairs are far more common but when a roof is in a state of disrepair and does need replacing we have your back.

We have been called out to quote for full roof replacement jobs in the past and upon inspection vert quickly realised that the roof could be salvaged for a fraction of the cost of a full replacement and the property owners had been lead astray by another roofer/building company. Realistically the cost of retiling a portion of the roof could cost as little as £200 in materials so it is important to be 100% sure that the job your are contracting is exactly what needs doing.

If you think you need a roof replacement we can most likely salvage the roof and get it back to a preteen condition, however, if a full replacement is needed you can count on us.

As you would expect it is almost impossible to quote on a replacement roof without coming out to look a the property but reading this you would likley appreciate a general price range. In 2019 the most expensive roof replacement we carried out was £14,000 on a large semi in Alwoodley and the lowest price was £4,000 on a three bedroom semi. It is likely if you do need a complete replacement that your price will fall within this range.

Calculating the cost of your roof

The three main things that will impact the cost of your roof replacement are the size of the roof, if the roof is flat and the type of materials used to do the replacement. The latter is something we are happy to discuss with you and it is the one area where we can flexibility work with you to keep the cost of the replacement in budget.

Obviously replacement of a flat felt roof is going to cost much less than a retile of a slate roof but then you must also consider the longevity of the two solutions. Be careful if you look around online and see some very high quotes for average prices, remember we proudly operate in Leeds and if you are looking at average prices that factor in southern cities you are likley going to be causing yourself sleepless nights with worry.

People quite often think of roofs as been made of felt or tile but that is really over simplifying things as there are a huge number of types of felt and tile with the most expensive type of tile been slate which is usually regarded as the gold standard. You will have seen in several places on our website we highlight that a well maintained roof can last over 100 years, however, a well maintained slate roof can last even longer. A cheaper than slate option is clay tiles which can lead to a significant short term saving in outlay on materials and this type of roof can still last in excess of 50 years if well maintained. The lowest cost option for slate roofing is cement tiles which are probably the lowest you would want to go in terms of cost when slating a roof, however, the lifespan is, as you would expect still shorter with a possibly lifespan of around 20-25 years.

Other costs

When replacing a roof it is important to realise that the cost is not limited to the time and materials on the roof itself but it is quite common when replacing a whole roof to also need to replace the guttering and piping around the roof. Sometimes these need to be removed before the roof replacement can be carried out. Occasionally this piping and guttering can be reused, however, if the roof has been allowed to get into a state of disrepair where it needs to be totally replaced it is unlikely that gutters and the like will be well maintained and usable.